Work and Use of Antacid (Aluminium Hydroxide + Magnesium Hydroxide)

Generic Name
Antacid (Aluminium Hydroxide + Magnesium Hydroxide)

Pharmacology :
This drug is a well-balanced combination of essential non-systemic antacids that excel in efficacy and palatability. These are dependable antacid preparations without acid rebound, constipating or cathartic effects. Both the preparations provide symptomatic relief of hyperacidity related to heartburn, acid ingestion, or sour stomach.

Aluminum hydroxide gel, a slow-acting antacid, and an adsorbent with prolonged effect have high neutralizing power. milk of magnesia possesses a slow but sustained acid-neutralizing property. Antacids of both tablet and suspension possess adsorbent property. They form a protecting coating over the ulcer surface facilitating its healing; thus protecting the sensitive mucosa of the stomach and duodenum from further irritation.

Indications :
Aluminum Hydroxide and milk of magnesia are indicated for Hyperacidity, peptic ulceration, gastritis, heartburn, sour stomach & dyspepsia.

Dosage & Administration :
Tablet: Two tablets 1-3 hours after a meal and at bedtime or as directed by the physician.
Suspension: 2 teaspoonfuls 1-3 hours after a meal and at bedtime or as directed by the physician.

Interaction :
This drug inhibits the absorption of the following drugs: Azithromycin, cefpodoxime, ciprofloxacin, isoniazid, rifampicin, norfloxacin, ofloxacin, pivampicillin, tetracyclines, Gabapentin and phenytoin, Itraconazole, ketoconazole, Chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine, and Phenothiazines.

Contraindications :
This is contraindicated in hypophosphatemia. it's also contraindicated in alkalosis and hypermagnesaemia where abdominal distention could also be thanks to partial or complete ileus.

Side Effects :
Long term use of any antacid leads to alkaluria, which can predispose to nephrolithiasis by forming precipitation of phosphate.

Pregnancy & Lactation :
It is advised to avoid antacid preparations within the trimester of pregnancy.

Precautions & Warnings :
Antacids reduce the absorption of tetracycline when given concomitantly. These shouldn't be used concomitantly

Storage :
Keep below 30°C temperature, faraway from light & moisture. exclude the reach of children.

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